IntelligenceHQ was born out of frustration with the limited intelligence analysis training on offer in New Zealand. As experienced analysts, we were very aware of the shortcomings of the training on offer and decided to “put our money where our mouth is”.

Our founders

Zane Verran - Co-Founder of IntelligenceHQ

Zane Verran

Zane is known to many in intelligence from his time at the school of intelligence at the Royal New Zealand Police College. Bringing almost two decades of experience to the table, Zane is a versatile professional who is also recognised for his collaborative leadership style and proficiency in intelligence analysis.

His achievements include leading a geographically dispersed team of Police intelligence analysts to replicate a UK study, co-authoring a foundational assessment for the Centre for Road Safety Intelligence, and establishing valuable relationships to support the writing of comprehensive Consumer Harm reports. His diverse career spans experience in enforcement, regulatory, and corporate environments; where he regularly contributed to the forming, or reshaping, of intelligence teams.

As a co-founder of IntelligenceHQ Limited, Zane continues to champion analytical and training services, embodying a commitment to evidence-based decision-making across sectors. Skilled in analysis, coaching, and technical proficiency, he is ready to enhance intelligence efforts through strategic leadership and innovative solutions.

Andy McPhee - Co-founder of IntelligenceHQ

Andy McPhee

Andy is similarly well known to many in the intelligence community. A long time Intelligence professional with approximately 30 years of intelligence experience, Andy has worked in a number of agencies in Wellington at all levels of intelligence. He has experience in working in multi-agency and multi-disciplinary fusion cells (domestically and internationally), and has experience in law enforcement, regulation, business, and peacekeeping environments.

Some highlights from his career include being deployed to ‘Bali 1’ as the intelligence component, Peace Keeping in Timor Leste imbedded with the AFP, an Asian Organised Crime speaking tour in the Pacific on behalf of the British Foreign Office, time in Bougainville and the Solomon Islands, being on the advisory group that established the NZ Institute of Intelligence Professionals (NZIIP), establishing the intelligence team at the Commerce Commission and creating an intelligence-informed risk-based approach, and winning the NZIIP Intelligence Community award in 2017.